In Tuscany with Andante, travelling following the swing of nature

Andante was born to make you discover the simple things and the natural life of the Tuscan countryside.

The holiday packages are designed for travellers who cannot wait to be surrounded by nature or to experience the everyday life of tiny old villages just like you, to relax in family run structures, tasting organic food collected directly from the earth, to walk on footpaths and experience the artisanship of the local products.
You will be welcomed in family run structures; feeling at home, always.

 Andante has a pace closest to that of the heart, travelling at a natural rhythm.
Relax, detox, bio.

Gianna Mancini, the heart of Andante

gianna mancini

I am a certified tourist guide, half Florentine and half from Siena (how the two rival factions manage to coexist inside me is still a mystery);
I was born and raised in the hills of Valdarno, at the foothills of Pratomagno. A land rich in history, where medieval villages and Romanesque churches overlook the ancient paths, such as the Cassia Vetus, and where small museums treasure priceless works.

Places, waiting to be discovered and admired in total tranquillity, precious for their welcoming simplicity and for the candour of the scenery. I want your journey with Andante to be a story about encounters, walks, earth, nature, faces.

And once forgotten the everyday stressful life, soothed by the tranquillity of the Tuscan countryside, your heart will resume an Andante pace.