Orchard, cuisine and shopping!

In a small and ancient village on the slopes of the mountain chain of Pratomagno, overlooking what was the old roman road Cassia Vetus, Simona will welcome you to reveal to you the secrets of the traditional Tuscan cuisine with its vegetables and aromatic herbs coming straight from the garden.
veronica cecchi Organic Tuscany in 7 days

Organic Tuscany in 7 days

holiday discovering nature and art among the Florentine hills. In the countryside passing from the dairy farms to the artisans and the Chianti wine producers; discover art in Florence by admiring masterpieces like the Brunelleschi's Dome in Piazza Duomo to the Uffizi simply passing by Ponte Vecchio.
The emotion of living in a medieval Tuscan village Andante Tuscany

The emotion of living in a medieval Tuscan village

A week in a small medieval village in Tuscany surrounded by an ancient forest. A “Albergo Diffuso” in the heart of the mountains of the Casentino valley dotted with ancient castles and defined by the Arno River.
Trekking in Val d'Orcia sulla traccia della via Francigena Sergio Fabbri

Trekking in Val d’Orcia on the trail of the Via Francigena

A holiday for those who enjoy walking, a journey through the landscapes and villages of the Val d'Orcia. A path that combines hiking and relaxation, to enjoy nature, hills and spa, good food, with snacks and tastings of traditional products, and art, thanks to the guided tours.