Slow down, discover, and stop. Andante, a holiday with the rhythm of the heart

Take a break
around a blade of grass,
where there isn’t too much of everything,
where the little is still celebrating you
with the bread and the light,
by the silent lust of a rose

(Moved Geography of inner Italy by Franco Arminio)

The musical rhythm closest to the beat of our heart is Andante.
Once, maybe, this was true. Because if you listen to my heartbeat nowadays I would say that it goes at a pace that it’s to say at the least Allegrissimo. Work, children, worries, run otherwise you miss the train, today there is traffic and tomorrow is the same, what will I make for lunch? oh well I’ll take a sandwich on the way.

But on holiday…

On holiday, I would like to live fully the time that I cannot live in my everyday life. I would like to slow down, to return to a more human pace, walking in the countryside and stopping to look at a blade of grass, every time I like. I would like to explore places and itineraries that are off the beaten track, stopping to talk with people and finding myself following their suggestions and advice.

This is why Andante Tuscany was born.

For those of you that like me want to travel in nature, choosing small, familiar structures that care for the environment. For those who want to try organic and natural food, admire artwork away from the hustle of the big city museums and discover the true local artisanship.
For those who want to try living at another speed.

The Tuscan countryside is the ideal destination, behind every hill lies a church, a bell tower, an artisan workshop, a farm. Let go of yourself to the journey and you will see that your heart will resume an Andante pace.