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For once, to Michelangelo Buonarroti, Piero della Francesca and Francesco d’Assisi I preferred Clelia Marchi, Vincenzo Rabito, Countess Emilia. If you’re asking who they are and you want to discover an alternative and unusual Tuscany, you are in the right post!

In the countryside of Valtiberina, not far from Arezzo, there is a small museum that collects the lives of each of us. Daily errands, feelings and thoughts that we might believe trivial, or exceptional and unusual events but that we imagine lacking the same pathos of novels and of the great  stories of love and of adventure. But in the surprising Little Museum of Diary of Pieve Santo Stefano are exposed  just some fragments of the life of ordinary people, who thanks to their autobiographical writings have left us not only the story of Italy, but much more.

In 1944, the village of Pieve Santo Stefano has experienced what can only be interpreted as the loss of memory when the ancient village was destroyed by the bombings of World War II. The reconstruction has brought the place back to life, but the memory of the architecture was lost forever. It was with the journalist and writer Saverio Tutino, who in 1984 proposed to the village the creation of a diary archive, of epistolary and autobiographical memories, that the memory once again came back to the village of Pieve.

«If a man in this life doesn’t meet with adventure, he has nothing to tell»
(Vincenzo Rabito)

From the archive, was then created the Little Museum of the Diary, in an intimate and familiar space, opens the doors to Clelia’s life, made of sacrifices but also of love, and that of her husband Anteo who has already gone leaving her alone, she then took one of the good bed sheets and in the silence of the night, wrote the story of their life. Or on the world of Vincenzo, a semi-illiterate Sicilian labourer who with stamina and tenacity wrote a monumental, tragicomic, autobiography. Even on the hindered love of Countess Emilia, or on Renzo’s anger who is at the front waiting for the letter of his Giannina that is late to arrive …

Photo courtesy of Luigi Burroni www.piccolomuseodeldiario.it

What you find in this museum is an exceptional tour, here you travel among the forgotten books, among the secrets and the depths of the lives of those who thought would not have a say in History; but instead they did.

The Piccolo Museo del Diario is an itinerant and transportable version, created by dotdotdot, authors also of the interactive path of the museum.

Do you want to visit the surroundings of the Little Museum of the Diary aswell? From Pieve Santo Stefano you can easily reach the villages of Anghiari, Città di Castello, Monterchi, Sansepolcro (lands of Piero della Francesca) Caprese Michelangelo (Michelangelo Buonarroti was born here the 6th  of March 1475) and the places dear to St. Francis of Assisi such as the Sanctuary of La Verna.

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[Cover image courtesy of Luigi Burroni www.piccolomuseodeldiario.it]