Daily excursion to Gorgona, the last prison island in Europe

An untouched oasis away from mass tourism!

Saturday, September 9, 2017, Andante Tuscany takes you to Gorgona!

The northern and smallest island of The Tuscan Archipelago, the last prison island of Europe, a place where nature and mankind live together, preserving and enhancing the ecosystem and promoting the rehabilitation of the prisoners by allowing them to work in direct contact with the land, surrounding nature and the animals. An exclusive tour through the history, the environment and the daily life of the prison with a hike accompanied by an environmental tour guide along the paths of the island and into the farm.
Gorgona is
mostly mountainous and full of beautiful bays and coves, guarded by the two forts, one from the Medici and the other from Pisan times.

Schedule of the day:
Boarding at 7.45 from LIVORNO in front of the Quattro Mori
8:15: we set sail!
At 9.25 ca. we arrive at Gorgona, where the tour guide will take care of the formalities related to the penitentiary. We will visit the north and west part of the island with a mild walking route along the white paths (6 km long).
Lunch break in the shade of holm oak grove (packed lunches to be provided individually).
* After lunch, we will continue our way to the Old Tower and will then arrive at a pretty little harbor, where, if we have the approval of the Penitentiary Administration, you can take a bath.
Return in the late afternoon (indicative hour of arrival at Livorno: 18:30 or 19:40)

Booking terms: BEFORE 30 JUNE 2017
by telephone at +39.347.0171707 or by writing an e-mail to
info@andantetuscany.com .

It is mandatory to provide personal details (name, surname, date and place of birth, phone, address of residence) of each participant.
Cost: 68 € adult / 38 € for children under 12 years.

The cost includes environmental tour guide, entry tickets to the Park and Maritime Transport.

Upon request, you can also arrange the overnight stay in Livorno and the bus trip!

The old tower (Ph Wikipedia by G. Spinozzi)
The island is a prison, hence the Prison officials will submit to control the personal data of the participants and will reserve the right NOT to authorize the disembarkation of anyone who might have any pending charges. For more information: +39.347.0171707 or info@andantetuscany.com

Difficulty: easy walking tour, maximum length about 8 km; Uphill rise 250 m; Maximum walking time 3h00 ‘. Since the island is in its entirety part of a prison it is NOT possible to move independently in the area or away from the group during the visit; It is FORBIDDEN to disembark photo cameras, video cameras or mobile phones, which will be collected beforethe disembarkation. The swim in the bay will be possible only at the discretion of the Prison Administration. Sneakers are mandatory for the hike.

[The cover image is exemplary and does not correspond to reality on the island of Gorgona cameras are not allowed!]