An outing in the woods with the whole family!

“Today outing in the woods with the whole family!”
How many times have you heard this sentence and felt a sudden wave of fatigue come over you? Prepare maps, search for some general info about the area, think about the sandwiches, find a suitable area for a campfire, revise plants and animals so to be able to answer the inevitable children’s flood of questions…

Now, imagine being able to visit a place at the forest ridge, where you’re greeted by good environmental tour guides who are just waiting to show you the secrets of the forest you are about to visit.

We are at “Ponte a Enna”, Visitor Centre of the St. Antonio Forest in Reggello, not far from Florence and Arezzo. Access Point to a protected natural area, is located on the crossroads of many paths, connecting two valleys, the Valdarno and the Casentino valleys, joined by the ridge of Pratomagno (over 1500 meters above sea level).

But back to the children. Visiting this place with the little ones can become a fantastic adventure! Because the expert tour guides turned it to a Learning Centre too. So, thanks to numerous experiential games they can learn a lot about nature, flora and fauna, for example, how to recognize a plant by its scent or how to spot deer without disturbing them. Groups can take part to games such as the botanical treasure hunt, mini orienteering or nature detective, complete with microscopes and compasses.

After this experience, we assure you that the pleasure you will find in walking will grow and a family holiday will become an opportunity to stimulate the curiosity about any form of plant life you will encounter.

Even your office plant will become an object of interest!

Have a nice walk! And this time you’ll be the one asking a thousand questions to your children on every tree, rock or animal you encounter !



The Visitor Centre is open Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 10 am to 6 pm (from June to August 2017). Upon reservation, you can arrange activities for groups and schools throughout the year.