Toasted bread: it’s universal, everybody is familiar with a version of it. Whether it’s wafer-thin bread, thick with a crust or soft and round, it’s a scientific that when you warm it, in some when or another, it gets better.  Each country has its version of toasted bread with toppings and seasoning, if you think

All you need to know to visit Cinque Terre with little ones in tow As we organize Cinque Terre day tours from Florence, I often get asked whether Cinque Terre is a kid-friendly destination, which is why I decided to collate all the information, tips and practicalities in one handy post here. First, the hard

Tips for enjoying the Opera Italy: the birthplace of ‘Bel Canto’ and where most people first learn to fall in love with the wonderful world of Opera. Other countries have tried to follow in its steps but none managed quite successfully. Rossini said it best when he claimed that the three most essential ingredients of

Having the courage to go slow: an interview with organic farmer Giordano There are times in life when you realize you’ve got it all backwards. And that’s when a sudden change of perspective, no matter how small, could lead to big shifts in your life. This is exactly what happened to Giordano, who realized that

An untouched oasis away from mass tourism! Saturday, September 9, 2017, Andante Tuscany takes you to Gorgona! The northern and smallest island of The Tuscan Archipelago, the last prison island of Europe, a place where nature and mankind live together, preserving and enhancing the ecosystem and promoting the rehabilitation of the prisoners by allowing them

… but if you’re a lover of at_a_slowpace travel enjoy the reading! For once, to Michelangelo Buonarroti, Piero della Francesca and Francesco d’Assisi I preferred Clelia Marchi, Vincenzo Rabito, Countess Emilia. If you’re asking who they are and you want to discover an alternative and unusual Tuscany, you are in the right post! In the